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Achieve Effective


 Productive Meetings

Achieve your objectives: Paperwork, Process and People

Managers spend Avg. 44% time in meetings !!


Human dimensions in Meetings are a common way work is accomplished, yet they are often perceived as unproductive
Increasingly, workers appear to dread the escalating number of meetings, which are mushrooming partly as a result of "team building" within Corporate Culture.
People are attending more meetings than ever, devoting as many as two days a week to various gatherings, according to a survey: Managers spend Avg. 44% time in meetings.

According to the survey, Executives consider 33% time spend is unproductive and 66% of meetings have failed to achieve their outcome/goals.

One Day Intensive Programme


  • Conduct meetings that motivate, not frustrate, those attending
  • Ensure people feel valued and make valuable contributions
  • Work toward better outcomes
  • Gain commitment to decisions and actions
  • Save time and money wasted in unproductive meetings
  • Determine whether a meeting is the most effective method

Programme Schedule:


A. Course and Delegates
B. Delegates Assessment Exercise

Importance and Necessity of Meetings:

A. When to Have a Meeting
B. Types of Meetings
C. Four Ws
D. Developing Realistic & Useful Agendas
E. Selecting Meeting Attendees
F. Responsibilities of the Meeting Leader & Attendees

Running Meetings:

A. Determine whether a meeting is needed--why do this?
B. Determine objectives for the meeting--why do this?
C. Agenda--How many items/what order/when to hand out?
D. Assigning roles--things to consider
E. Role of the facilitator--why you should have one
F When not to hold a meeting or close a meeting

Tips for Better Meetings:

A. Timing
B. Seating
C. Stages of Discussion/Process
D. Facilitate vs. Participate
E. Size of Group
F. Getting most out of brainstorming

Conducting Meetings:

A. Formulate effective and appropriate ground rules
B. Open a meeting to achieve commitment to the tasks
C. Keep a discussion on track
D. Know when to expand and narrow discussion
E. Cost Factor to Company in terms of Productivity & Costs
F. Distractions

Follow Through:

A. Record meeting outcomes
B. Close a meeting ensuring commitment to outcomes and follow-up action

Participation and Personality Issues:

A. Learn to manage "challenging" behaviour such as; domination, silence,
resistance and negativity
B. Raise differences and facilitate constructive conflict resolution
C. Handle tricky moments effectively
D. Gain participation from all parties when needed
E. Manage over-participation when needed
F. Seek diversity of input
G. Generate ideas prior to evaluation
H. Examine group process
I. Dealing with Emotions/Disruptive Behaviour
J. Handling Conflict


A. Personal Action Plan
B. Closedown

Designed for:

For Hr Personnel, Senior Executives & Key Managers

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