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Utilising Your Actual Presentation

Advanced Professional Presentation Skills

Two Day Intensive & Interactive Workshop


This a highly practical workshop to help delegates understand and develop their ENHNACED PROFESSIONAL style through a series of interactive sessions including group and trainer feedback to INDIVIDUAL.


  • The course is designed to help those delegates who have some experience of presentations to strengthen their existing skills to create a more professional impact.
  • Delegates will present at least twice during the programme using PowerPoint files of their own ACTUAL Business Presentation/ppt.
  • This is a very practical and interactive workshop where Delegates seek to master their ‘REGULAR & ACTUAL’ presentation.
  • A systematic methodology for ensuring that their presentations are effective and achieve the necessary business objectives.
  • The importance of analysing and defining the purpose of the presentation will be stressed.
  • Delegates will learn how to plan. Prepare and deliver their presentations. An awareness of the impact of non-verbal communication on their message will be stressed.
  • Delegates will also learn how to handle question time confidently and select appropriate visual aids.

Key Benefits:

  • Project your Professional style
  • Master Nervousness and Bad habits
  • Deliver your message with confidence and impact
  • Developing Confidence and Self-Control
  • Build Rapport with your Audience
  • Effectively Communicate with Different Personalities
  • Learn how to use your body language, voice and choice of words effectively

Programme Outline:

Introduction & Presentation Recording

  • Introduction to Seminar and Delegates
  • Key Objectives and Individual Presentation Feedback
  • Delegates will deliver OWN PRESENTATION and be recorded on video. This will assist in providing feedback and analysis.

Key Elements of Professional Image

  • Taking steps for Personal Change when Presenting
  • Mannerisms and your Appearance
  • Things that sabotage your Professional Image
  • Building Confidence and Controlling nerves
  • Raising your ‘Standards’
  • Creating Positive and Assertive Mindset
  • Dealing with Bad Habits and Gestures
  • Balancing your Moods
  • Elimination of Negative Thoughts and Fear
  • Overcoming Anxiety
  • Developing Self-motivational Techniques
  • Handling the Unexpected
  • Creating High-Impact effect on your Audience
  • Developing a Professional Approach
  • Managing your time

Develop New Communication Skills

  • Posture & Projection Style.
  • Managing emotions within communication.
  • Importance of Body Language Signals.
  • Body Language: How to stand and walk during a presentation.
  • Using good gestures to greater effect.
  • Guide to Effective Speaking.
  • How to breathe to give confidence to your voice and projection.
  • Voice Tonality and Speed of delivery.
  • Vocal Skills: The Importance of breathing.
  • Practice Vocal Projection.
  • Exercises to add variety in pitch, tone and clarity.
  • Speaking with Clarity & Exercises.
  • Ensuring Comprehension.
  • Importance of using the Pause to add impact.
  • Developing Language skills & Right Words for Impact.
  • Group Dynamics Exercise for Presentation Feedback.

Presenting with Impact:

  • Enhancing Presentation Techniques
  • How to structure your talk
  • Gaining impact and interest with your introduction
  • Getting your audience into positive mindset
  • Structure the body of your talk to keep your audience’s attention.
  • Compelling start and dynamic ending
  • Ensuring Sequence and Transitions of Slides - Keeping on track
  • Understanding the other person's viewpoint
  • Projecting Energy and Enthusiasm when Presenting
  • Handling questions
  • Pitfalls to avoid when Presenting
  • Improve your ability to answer questions confidently
  • Selecting the best endings
  • Understanding your audience’s needs
  • How to keep your audience interested
  • Listening: The importance of listening in the communication process; the basic rules for effective listening
  • Visual aids: Their use and abuse; using them to professionally enhance the presentation.
  • Retaining audience’s attention
  • How to deal with challenging people and difficult situations
  • Questions and Interruptions: Dealing successfully with these so that the objections are Handled effectively
  • Responding Effectively and Encouraging Audience Participation
  • Dealing constructively with Negative or Unresponsive Audience
  • Handling with difficult/hostile questions.
  • Presentation Assessment using Checklist provided

Enhanced Actual Presentation - Live Video-Recording Session

  • Delegate’s OWN PRESENTATION again for Video-taping.
  • Group Feedback
  • Faculty’s Feedback to INDIVIDUAL DELEGATE after Presentation
  • Personal Action Plan
  • Thanks and closedown

Designed for:

For All Managers, Senior Executives and
Key Marketing & Customer Relationship Personnel

+ more - available on request.

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