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Two-Day Intensive & Interactive Workshop

Building Business Relationships


Key Senior Managers need to present a professional image and to communicate effectively in everyday customer service transactions, as well as in difficult situations.


Our ability to develop, maintain and build relationships with our customers is the most important single factor that will contribute to our personal success and the success of our businesses.

In a market where the products and services we deliver are becoming increasingly similar to those offered by the competition, it will be our ability to build strong relationships with our customers that will set us apart and ensure our success.

To build relationships we need to develop new skills that enable us to understand why people react in different ways and that everyone has different needs and preferred patterns of behaviour.

This program is developed for Key Personnel, who want to learn how to use an organization's culture to influence their behaviour positively, address negativity and build a better organisation image.


  • Develop the personal, interpersonal, and professional effectiveness skills you need and want for personal and work success
  • Increase your awareness of your style and identify how to adapt your style to different situations and personalities
  • Develop Confidence for greater satisfaction in your relationships and career
  • Present the image you want and get your message across
  • Understand different behavioural styles and how they can be used
  • Understand the barriers to successful communication and how to overcome them
  • Create the appropriate atmosphere for constructive face-to-face communications
  • Eliminate procrastination and perfectionism
  • Construct and deliver your message - ensuring you are understood and that you encourage a positive response
  • Deliver your message with confidence and impact
  • Demonstrate professionalism on the job while building a proactive, problem-solving culture

Key Benefits:

  • Project your Personality and Influencing style
  • Understanding the attitudes and emotions involved
  • Developing Confidence and Self- Control
  • Communicating with Different personalities
  • Project a positive and professional image in your verbal and written communications
  • Build a strong foundation of customer service skills that you can use for life
  • Increase your credibility with customers—and your value to your organisation
  • Better manage stressful situations
  • How to Build Rapport easily
  • Handling Difficult situations
  • Gain confidence in your ability to anticipate and satisfy your customers’ needs
  • Motivate yourself in a way that creates an example for others
  • Manage customer expectations and avoid making promises that you can’t keep
  • Overcome the barriers to good listening and improve your ability to understand and retain what customers are saying
  • Use proven tips and techniques to handle difficult customer situations
  • Develop an Action Plan designed to ensure new skills become a habit
  • Contribute to your company’s bottom line and enhance your career by delivering exceptional support
  • Collaborate with others as needed to satisfy customer requests
  • Create ‘Customer-Centric Culture’ within department and organisation

Programme Outline:

Day 1

Mastering Your Image

  • Course Introduction
  • Developing Better Personality & Image
  • Creating Positive and Assertive Mindset
  • Understanding & Controlling Emotions
  • Dealing with Habits and Nerves
  • Developing Confidence and Self-control
  • Creating the Right Atmosphere
  • Balancing your Moods
  • Mannerisms and your appearance
  • Putting people at ease - establishing rapport
  • Avoid Creating Negative Impressions with Words
  • Using Persuasive Language Patterns
  • Conditioning your ‘Mind’ to get Right Results
  • Elimination of Negative Thoughts and Fear
  • Overcoming Anxiety

Importance of Effective Communications

  • Psychology of Communications
  • Do you communicate with Real Impact?
  • Develop New Communication Skills
  • How does your body language come across? Getting it right
  • Guide to Effective Speaking
  • Appreciate the Power of Words
  • Power of positive language
  • Developing Language skills for Impact
  • Positive and Negative phraseology
  • Voice, tone, rate of delivery and checking comprehension
  • Developing Listening Skills
  • Identify Your Customer’s and Your Own Listening Style
  • Working with Others Confidently
  • Understanding the other person's position
  • Overcoming concerns, fears and objections
  • Questioning Techniques – getting information
  • Knowledge based and probing questioning techniques – practice
  • Getting others involved - encouraging participation and two-way communications

Day 2

Developing Professionalism & Positive Work Culture

  • Developing a Professional Approach
  • Things that sabotage your Professional Image
  • Changing your Approach, Attitude and Responses
  • Prioritising your Actions and Making Commitments
  • Developing Self-motivational Techniques
  • Projecting Energy and Enthusiasm
  • Dealing constructively with negative or unresponsive people
  • Checking your own Performance Criteria
  • Style and Culture: and its impact on Organisation
  • Effect and Impact of Organisation Culture on the Customer
  • Handling the Unexpected
  • Inspiring Employee Involvement & Team-spirit
  • Developing a Culture of “Going An Extra Mile” habit
  • Mastering Approachability and Leadership

Managing Customer Expectations

  • Internal and External Customers
  • Managing Customer Expectations
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase Your Credibility with Customers-and Your Value to Your Organisation
  • Better Manage Stressful Situations
  • Appreciate How Delivering Excellent Customer Service Reduces Your Personal Stress at Work
  • Appreciate That Customer Satisfaction Is Based on Perceptions
  • Recognise That You Can Save Time and Reduce Stress by Focusing on the Top Two Expectations of Customers
  • Prepare Yourself to Handle Customers by Knowing How and Where They Get Their Expectations
  • Recognize and Respond Effectively to Specific Customer Behaviours
  • Identifying and handling customer needs & complaints

Personal Action Plan

  • Understanding Personal responsibilities
  • Developing a Personal Action Plan to make a difference!
  • Feedback Time & Closedown

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