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Building Global Teams


In Creative and Competitive Market Conditions

Two-Day Intensive & Interactive Workshop

YOU Need to LEAD Effectively and Positively in TODAY's Workplace


  • Things that sabotage your Professional Image
  • Be a Leader and Inspire Enthusiasm
  • Create Leadership culture within the organisation
  • Obtain Superior Performance
  • Develop Drive, Enthusiasm and Sense of Belonging
  • Create Open Communication through an Empowered Team
  • Ensure the Customer is your Key Organisational Focus
  • Share Vision and Support Team Members
  • Improve productivity and communications

Programme Outline:

Day 1

Leadership Concepts

  • What is Leadership in the GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT
  • Positive Power and Your Influence within the Organisation

Leadership Styles

  • Different Leadership Styles
  • Setting Standards and Follow up
  • Leadership Inclination (comfort with different styles of leadership)
  • Managing Your Emotional State
  • Inspiring a Shared Vision and getting Commitment

Leadership Development

  • Presenting the Vision with Powerful Messages
  • Winning techniques to ensure your Ideas are understood and acted on
  • How to generate Passion and Excitement
  • Improving your Posture and Style
  • Developing Pleasing Personality
  • Self-Management & Setting Self-values

Positive Management and Commitment

  • Dynamic Self Discipline
  • Prioritising your Actions and Taking Command
  • Adopt communication techniques in order to confront difficult situations successfully
  • Improve ability to build winning relationships with everyone at work
  • Increase the level of cooperation and support you get from your employees, co-workers and managers
  • Changing your Approach, Attitude and Responses
  • Raising your ‘Standards’
  • Expressing yourself tactfully
  • Assertiveness for Advancement

Managing Performance

  • Changing Negative attitudes to Positive
  • Creating the Right Environment
  • Ability to say NO
  • Difference between Assertive and Aggressive Behaviour
  • Emotional and Rational Behaviour
  • Creating Challenges and Competitiveness
  • Mindset Tuning for Excellence
  • Dealing with Different Situations

People Work for a Manager, they do their Best for a Leader

Day 2

Mastering Your Image

  • Creating Positive and Assertive Mindset
  • Mannerisms and your appearance
  • Developing Self-motivational Techniques
  • Making and Using Notes
  • Handling the Unexpected
  • Developing a Professional Approach

Team Elements

  • Team Effectiveness of a Global Team
  • Importance of Global Business Environment
  • Your Perception of goals, roles and expectations
  • Understanding and Blending ‘Different’ Perceptions
  • Common team problems
  • Responsibilities of Team Participants

Effective Team Communication Skills

  • Asking questions to gain different points of view
  • Actively listen for better understanding
  • Feedback (how to tell others what you think)
  • How to build trust and understanding in a team
  • Dealing with Negative team behaviours
  • Identify levels of commitment to change
  • Why change is resisted and how to be more productive
  • Identify the dynamics of a changing situation and how to remain productive in a changing environment

Staff Development & Motivation

  • Creating Challenges and Competitiveness
  • Delegating for Results
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Enhancing Creativity
  • Recruiting & Retaining Staff
  • Dealing with Conflict

Seminar Conclusion

  • Analysis and Action Points
  • Delegates Feedback
  • Review Session & Closedown

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