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Business Leadership In The Corporate World


Today's High Performance Manager must also be a LEADER and a Team-Builder.


Demand for increased service and quality, coupled with cost containment and flatter structures have worked together to create a business environment where managing is no longer enough.

"A team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable."

"The interdisciplinary team is a group of persons who are trained in the use of different tools and concepts among whom there is an organised division of labour around a common problem with each member using his own tools, with continuous intercommunication and re-examination of postulates in terms of the limitations provided by the work of the other members and often with group responsibility for the final product."

Leadership = Competence +Confidence +Commitment +Character

Two Day Intensive Programme


  •  Be a Leader and Inspire Enthusiasm
  •  Master Leadership Principles and Leadership Style
  •  Create Leadership culture within the organisation
  •  Obtain Superior Performance
  •  Build and Sustain Momentum
  •  Inspire Creativity and Innovation
  •  Deal with Change and Conflict
  •  Develop Drive, Enthusiasm and Sense of Belonging
  •  To Achieve your Organisational Objectives
  •  Set Vision and Powerful Motivating Goals
  •  Foster a culture of Continuous Improvement
  •  Build Effective and Empowered Teams
  •  Create Open Communication through an Empowered Team
  •  Ensure the Customer is your Key Organisational Focus
  •  Share Vision and Support Team Members
  •  Improve productivity and communications

YOU Need to LEAD Effectively and Positively in TODAY's Workplace

Key Benefits:

This workshop helps identify what an effective team looks like, how to improve team effectiveness, five stages of team development, and collaborative problem solving skills and decision making.

Programme Schedule 2 Day Seminar:

Day 1

Leadership Concepts:

  • What is Leadership
  • Moving from Management to Leadership
  • Situational Leadership – (Four Types)
  • Positive Power and Your Influence within the Organisation

Leadership Styles:

  • Different Leadership Styles
  • Adopting Modern Style
  • Setting Standards and Follow up
  • Leadership Inclination (comfort with different styles of leadership)
  • Tolerance of Ambiguity
  • Managing Your Emotional State
  • Assessment of Own and Followers' Competence
  • Putting the right pieces into place before you articulate the vision
  • Inspiring a Shared Vision and getting Commitment

Leadership Skills:

Managing Performance 

  • Changing Negative attitudes to Positive
  • Creating the Right Environment
  • Ability to say NO
  • Difference between Assertive and Aggressive Behaviour
  • Emotional and Rational Behaviour

Decision making and Problem Solving

  • Making Tough Decisions

Evaluating your team

  • How to handle non-contributing team members
  • Overcoming Barriers to Delegation

Good Enough is NEVER an Option

  • Why continuous improvement is good for your organisation
  • Why leaders need to understand CI
  • How to create a CI culture in your team/business
  • Are you leading a six sigma organisation?
  • Motivating for Optimum Output
  • Establishing Benchmarks and Performance Criteria


  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Dealing with Change
  • Analysing Training needs
  • Feedback and Reporting

People Work for a Manager, they do their Best for a Leader

Day 2

Leadership Development:

  • Presenting the Vision with Powerful Messages
  • Winning techniques to ensure your Ideas are understood and acted on
  • How to generate Passion and Excitement
  • Goal Setting
  • Coaching
  • Time Management
  • Expectations Checklist
  • Inspiring Creativity and Innovation


  • What turns a group of people into a team?
  • Difference between ‘group’ and ‘team’
  • Enhancing the sense of belonging

Team Development:

  • The stages of team development
  • What leadership style is appropriate at each stage?
  • How do people prefer to work within a group?
  • What is your preferred team working style?  Is it appropriate?

Team Elements:

  • Profiling your team members
  • Clarify your team's rules and responsibilities
  • Establishing team roles and structure.
  • How to use team successes - and failures

Seminar Conclusion:

  • Analysis and Action Points
  • Delegates Feedback
  • Review Session & Closedown


Designed for:

Team Leaders, Manager & Supervisors who facilitate groups.

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