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Client Testimonials

I really like your presentation and seminar which held in Pune. Your techniques which you explain I am implementing in my life.

As a social activity you are giving good devotion to this world. I am saying world because you are from UK and coming in India to do this seminars.

I really like your lecture and explaining all things with good presentation, Body Language also involving views in your activity.

I am really thankful for this in be half of our staff.

My English is not good if spell and meaning problem is there then forgive please.

Again mehere my mind and emotions are thankful to you.

Ajuba Solutions India

I have enjoyed every moment of the programme.

I will make use of the mantras taught by you in my personal and professional life.

Hope that will make me an Effective Communicator.

S Sundar
Manager P&A-HR
Schwing Stetter India Private Ltd.

It was really great pleasure attending the training programme.

Thank you for teaching us all the good things that would lead us to serve our customers in a better way as well would help us too in our personal life.

It would be great to attend your seminar if given an opportunity once again.

R R Prasad
Gujarat Gas

Would like to thank you for the wonderful time we had with you during our 2 days workshop. It was a great learning experience.

The way you encouraged us to speak our hearts out helped a lot in boosting our confidence.

The real test now is to put all that I've learnt from you into practice both in my personal and professional life.

Will definitely share my success stories with you in future.

From the core of my heart, with all the sincerity I can possibly summon, I once thank you and wish you now and always the very best...

Please be in touch thru email whenever you find time.

We would also keep you informed in case we have any other such training requirements from you.

Saurabh Bansal
Timken India Ltd.

I totally enjoyed your presentation and felt that time was short to cover more topics. 

Moreover, the games we played in brief was a welcome change. 

I am really juiced up daily and you have infected me to get better and better day by day. 

I have made up my mind to WIN the customer always.

B L Suresh
Sundaram Mutual

It was a nice session of yours and we really enjoyed it.

I have attended many seminars and training courses but I can say that it was really EFFECTIVE.

I have raised a question How to influence the people? And I got the answer from various live demonstrations shown by you.

All these things will definitely help me in my personal and professional life.

Best regards,

Vip Luggage

I must say that I really enjoyed the seminar, especially the last session.

I have learnt a lot and must admit that the programme has given me tremendous self confidence and has really juiced me up.

Please ask your office to keep me posted with any other programmes being conducted by you in India, as I might like to take up some of the programmes.

Well I am not as big as you. In my company I am the Boss, the Peon, the HR Manager and also the Damager.

Anyways it was really a wonderful event which I participated and will definitely keep in touch.

Veekay Properties

Though the session got over yesterday, but I just can’t stop thinking about the same.

I am unable to totally concentrate on my work, today. Better I thought let me share it, and let it go.

I am really amazed on the statement "that our emotions are the decision makers." Though I always think & admire and also practice, to be rational & practical.

But, now when I look back I really think the major decisions were probably ruled by my emotions. Strange!

This leaves so many questions unanswered. Responsibilities, Value, discipline, offerings always comes first in my dictionary & the emotion  took a back seat always, but still it has managed to rule out all, without my knowledge.



First of all thanks for your mail. The impact of Training is still on my mind.

I am sharing the things which I learnt from you with my colleagues, really your program has really infected not only to me but to all the participants.

Really I appreciate it heartily.

I will definitely contact you, as when I feel requirement of your help.

Gujarat Gas

It was a very refreshing experience to spend 18 hrs of our busy schedule with you.

I wish if we could have spent more time with you & sharpen our axe.

Lupin Ltd.

First of all I would like to give a plethora of thanks to you for giving a wonderful presentation tips.

Really it works. High Impact Presentation Tips, As you advised me that by doing practice I will improve.

Definitely that day will come.

Please write me once again all those 7 points, which you dictated us for doing the presentation.

As I think that I am using them unintentionally/unknowingly. That might help me to improve speech crafting.

Lupin Ltd.

Firstly I should thank you for the small and important things which you taught us at the Training session.

It was really a very good training session.

We have recommended about having a 2-3 days program to our respective departments.

Since it was an interactive session, it has really helped us a lot and our department is surely looking forward to implement it in our day to day life.

Crompton Greaves Ltd.

The pleasure is all ours. Your programme has improved me and has provided the needed correction to reach even higher goals in my Life.

Practice, which you highlighted with the example of Tendulkar net practice, is one, which I will not easily forget.

Having been infected by your positive attitude.

I am now realising the benefits of practising some of the basic instructions.

One of the benefits which I will like to mention here is the additional positive contribution which I am able to make both to my organisation and my family.

Dear Bip Please continue the good work and thanks a lot for going that extra mile with us which made the entire programme so useful and memorable.

Gea Energy System (India) Ltd.

We thank you for making us realize what we were and how we are after 2 days.

You brought all of us out of the shell.

We hope that you too enjoyed!!!!.

With your advice we are confident that we will be successful.

Gea Energy System (India) Ltd.

We enjoyed and learnt a lot during those 3 days.

It will personally help me to progress in my career. I never forget to practice the tips you have offered daily.

In fact my children also try to follow what I am doing at home!

Many thanks.

Gea Energy System (India) Ltd.

The feeling was mutual and I should thank you for keeping me engrossed in your sessions. It was a sea change from the mundane things that we go through daily.

I enjoyed it a lot and I shall talk to my organisation to find out whether there is a scope for your involvement in its Training Programmes.


Yesterday's seminar was really superb & it will help me to improve my Communication & Presentation Skill in my present job in service dept.

Your teaching style/aid was marvellous & enjoyable & I will make use of the same in daily routine job (both personal & official)   

Hope we will meet in future & you will not forget us.

Hoping to meet you again.

Crompton Greaves Ltd.

It was great meeting you and I am always happy to keep meeting people who give back so much.

Yes I can see that the difference in success and failure is "ENERGY to keep on striving".

However presentation skills are for the working class.

In India people with money power would dictate the standards and unfortunately 99% of management problems are because of EGO.

I was happy to see that our entire team being transformed, shedding all inhibitions and hats off to you for that.

Unfortunately I used to utilise the human face and personal touch in my professional dealings due to which I have been quite successful in building relationship, importantly in short time.

Please advise the need on postures. I feel quite confident when I use it consciously. (18 " is absolutely great) But do I unsettle my clients!

Would be great to be in regular touch with you as I am keen to develop myself in line with yours with a bit more emphasis on Industrial selling at some time when I develop enough contacts in the Industry.

Gea Energy System (India)

We enjoyed the seminar and hope to share the contents with others here. It is on my TTD.

We do attend many functional and behaviourial seminars.

But I must say that you created a lasting impression on us with your energy levels, list of lively examples and excellent ability to communicate.


I would like to thank you for your effort and patience during the program and giving me valuable knowledge about the art of communication and body language.

Infact, I feel I have taken lot more from the program.

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days I got to spent with you at the seminar and I must say it was a wonderful experience.

I am looking forward to see you again.

Thanks and Regards,

Juniper Networks

First I would also like to thank you for taking time and doing this seminar for us.

I had definitely enjoyed the seminar and more than that I learned many new things on improving my communication skills and some really good tips on body language.

More than that I came to know about the things that I am lacking (confidence, words) and I must overcome my fear/nervousness in public speaking.

I think it’s always good to know the negative thing about our self and we must do all the possible things to overcome it.

Now I know that by practice and following the tips that I got from you.

I will definitely improve and this will help me in getting more success and fame in my professional and personal life.

I like to thank you once again and promise you that the next time you see me, you will see all together a different a Davinder.

Your JUICEDUP and CONDITIONING techniques has already started working.

The world is very small so I am sure we will definitely meet some time.

Take care!

Thanks and Warm regards,

Juniper Networks

The feelings are mutual. I also enjoyed it very much.

Also I am on the way to break the bad habits and build the new one using your NLP techniques learnt during the course.

Best regards

Parle Tablets Tools

I thank you for the enriching experience I have undergone during this workshop.

It was a re-discovering process, I think, for most of us…

Many thanks for the wishes and for sure, I shall be in touch with you.

Kind Regards,

Birla sunlife Insurance Company Ltd.

Thank you very much for your help offered.

I would like to inform you that I am practicing your instructions.

I am confident that I am going to be successful in my professional and personal life.

After attending your seminar, I feel like I have utilized my time very properly and got very much good hints regarding presentations and communications.

This is really a excellent programme and ofcourse this is because of you.

I will be in touch with you as and when required.

Best regards,

Ajay Karanjawane
Chemito Tech

It was great meeting you.

The seminar was very interesting and I intend to put them into practice and get benefited personally and professionally.

We have got good inputs from the participants as well.

Overall a good learning for me.

Looking forward to be in touch with you and attend more seminars.

Have a great time.


Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd.

It was my pleasure to have such an valuable training from such an experienced & dynamic guy like you. And really it can help me a lot in my life. Thanks for your inspiration provided to me. Also really I HAVE JUICED UP. I have started following some points of Time Management.

Thanks a Lot....

Sanjay Pujara
Anand Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

I feel myself fortunate that I met you & earned a nice treasure of knowledge. I am practicing your methods every day. With your help I am sure that I will overcome one of my big weakness i.e. stage fear & nervousness. While leaving I had told you one thing that, "this was the best training I ever attended", that was from my heart.

Saswat Mohanty
Ispat Industries Ltd.

I must say thanks to you for all you taught in the seminar. Its really one of the best ( rather I would rate it as THE BEST ) I have attended before. Thanks a lot once again for such a wonderful seminar.

Sandeep Dere,
Portescap India

It was an extremely fruitful experience for me. I really enjoyed the course and have also taken back a lot of learning from it.

Your reference is in record. We will definitely bear it in mind whenever we have any future requirements. Request you to please send me a list of courses that you conduct with a broad outline of the same. This will help us have an idea as to where are the potential areas where we could use your expertise.

Nitin Varkey

My experience at the seminar has been extremely good.
Generally speaking, I feel there is lot of learning from you and I think, we are deprived of that by not being close to you, personally as well as professionally.

I personally believe that what we present is in our control, lack of structure and preparation is the only affecting factor.
But, how we present, depends a lot on what we are inside.
Our style of presentation is a reflection of our true self.
A conscious effort in correcting our inner self will directly impact our presentation style and outer self.

From a professional perspective, practicing on the outer self will definitely help and perhaps pave way for inner improvement as well.

Your observations based on the presentation styles were so in line with the characteristics of an individual, I was very amazed that it took you such a short time to decipher a person.

I thank ACE in giving us an opportunity to know you and I thank you for putting in touch with our personalities.

It goes without saying that I will definitely talk about you with friends.
Whether it materializes professionally or not is not in my control.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience.

Saumitra Naik
ACE Software Solutions

I enjoyed the training a lot since it was very informative and knowledgeable.

Your presentation had such an effect that it’s continuously ringing in my ears. Specially Juice it up.

I have not only started thinking twice before writing an email but also even before having a conversation over the phone. Trying to give it a punch

Hoping to see you soon in future with more valuable ideas which will help me grow

Sohil Udani

It was indeed very pleasurable meeting you at the seminar. Each drop of the ambrosia of wisdom given by you is still afresh in my mind - the conditioning of the mind, looking ahead, maintainining compose, not to get affected by others rather infect others by turning it around - bullet proofing self and learn to be precise, making a phrase bank for correct choice of words.....I will cherish them all and they will be the guides for rest of my life.

Thanks for helping and motivating me to....

Vital kumar

I am extremely impressed with your efforts for training the participants. You have very nicely guided and oriented us for our betterment. You have given us maximum tips which will surely help us in day to day life and for the future assignments. I have started implementing your tips to understand the body language and reading the face of others.

I hope your guidance will certainly help me in improving myself. I would be eager to meet you again in the journey of life. You may not believe the hang over is still there and I have religiously started to increase my word bank and juicing up the same.

Your blessings and guidance is required to make myself very confident and successful.

I request God to bless you and remove all the difficulties on your way for the beautiful task you have taken to polish the people,   

Swapnil. varadkar
Bharat Petroleum

+ Thousands more on our file.  References available on Request.

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