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Conflict Management & Counselling

2 Days Training Programme


Conflict can cause lost time, resources, and efficiency in any work team.
These days every organization needs to train its employees
to effectively manage conflict and resolve issues that block performance.

Ability to manage conflict is probably one of the
most important social skills a Manager can possess


  • Able to manage colleagues and friends effectively
  • Preventing and pre-empting situations that cause conflict
  • Increased confidence handling difficult behaviour in others
  • Analysis of their conflict resolution profile
  • Using mediation techniques to resolve conflict situations
  • Greater understanding of effective communication
  • Increased confidence handling difficult behaviour in others
  • Reduced interruptions at work
  • Increased work effectiveness and productivity
  • Reduced stress levels

Key Benefits:

  • To manage & resolve Conflict
  • Use conflict to your advantage
  • Identifying & dealing with  behaviour

Programme Outline:


  • Introduction to Course  -  Aims and Objectives
  • Delegates Introductions
  • Delegates Assessment and Outcomes
  • Exercise

Why Does Conflict Occur?

  • Understanding the causes of conflict
  • Lack of Communication
  • Different Attitudes, Beliefs, and Expectations
  • Lack of Effective Leadership or Decision Making
  • Discrepancies in Role Expectations:
  • Low productivity
  • Change that causes Imbalance:

Stages in Conflict

  • Establishing the 5 stages of conflict
  • Seeing conflict from various points of view
  • Tension Development
  • Overcoming Fear / Anxiety
  • Conflict as a Difference of Opinion
  • The Conflict Cycle
  • 10 Techniques to Remember
  • Preparing for conflict situations
  • Guidelines and Procedures

Handling Conflict Assertively

  • Adapting your behaviour style to different situations
  • Effectively handle negativity and aggression in others
  • Neutralise difficult people
  • Handling aggressive behaviours in others
  • Recognising classic profiles of difficult people
  • Strengthening your influencing style
  • Fostering a spirit of co-operation and honesty
  • Handling negative feedback constructively
  • Finding common ground
  • Developing Empathy
  • Appropriate Assertiveness
  • Making Co-operative Decisions
  • Negotiation Techniques
  • Showing Willingness to Resolve
  • Standing your ground when necessary without alienating others
  • INTERACTIVE Exercise

Styles of Conflict Management

  • Defending / Competing
  • Accommodating
  • Avoiding
  • Compromising
  • Collaborating

Different Methods of Dealing with Conflict

  • Avoidance
  • Diffusion
  • Confrontation
  • Arbitration
  • Voting
  • Compromise
  • Consensus
  • Synergy
  • Third-Party Mediation

Improving Conflict Management Skills

  • Controlling Emotions
  • Developing Assertive Body language
  • Developing an Assertive Vocal image
  • Understanding and asserting your rights
  • Challenging and Changing Negative and destructive internal dialogue
  • Handling Aggressive Behaviour
  • Avoiding Negative or Confrontational language
  • Being Factual and Non-judgmental in your Language and Behaviour
  • Reacting to and Managing aggressive and passive behaviours in others
  • Saying "No" with confidence and without feeling guilty
  • Standing up for yourself and stating your point of view confidently
  • Understanding the link between Stress and Assertiveness
  • Using Active Listening techniques
  • Using Reflecting and Attentiveness skills
  • Negotiating Assertively with Colleagues

Personal Improvement Plan

  • Review of our previous approaches
  • Review of the key messages on conflict management
  • Plan a different approach with actions for the future
  • Action Plan

Designed for:

Team Leaders, Manager & Supervisors who facilitate groups. Who has task resolving disputes & who wish to find solution.

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