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Achieve Personal & Professional Success And Excellence

Building Global Teams


Two-Day Intensive & Interactive Workshop

Key Elements:

  • Initiative and drive to achieve organisation objectives
  • Creative approach to developing solutions
  • To work within an agreed programme and evolve in line with business needs
  • Ability to work in a team and develop relationships to achieve results
  • Developing a positive attitude in work and situations
  • Increase the level of cooperation and support you get from your employees, co-workers and managers
  • Reduce the stress of difficult situations with people
  • Acquire the skills of influence and assertiveness that give you the results you want and a positive work climate
  • Understand how personal and professional values, choices and behaviours affect their effectiveness in an organisation

Programme Outline:

Session I

  • Introduction
  • Emotional States and Control
  • Pulling yourself out of your Comfort Zone
  • How your beliefs and perceptions cause stress
  • Getting rid of ‘Limiting Beliefs’ that hold you back
  • Overcoming Fear and Stress that blocks you from achieving
  • Realignment of Beliefs to ‘Unlock’ your Potential

Session II

  • Embracing Change and Creating Momentum
  • Changing your Approach, Attitude and Responses
  • Enhancing your Image
  • Developing Pleasing Personality
  • Mastering your Communication
  • Understanding and Developing Rapport
  • Developing Personal Motivation
  • Enhancing your Performance Level
  • Developing Super-Confidence to becoming Unstoppable

Session III

  • Personal organisation
  • Planning and prioritising
  • Eliminating time wasters
  • Handling interruptions
  • Crisis management (for managers)
  • Cures for procrastination
  • Increasing your Energy Levels
  • Enhanced use of discretionary time

Session IV

  • Conditioning your ‘Mind’ to get Right Results
  • Mindset Tuning for Excellence
  • Generating Passion and Enthusiasm
  • Developing a Success Formula
  • Learning to Take the Lead in your Life
  • Results based Goal Setting Techniques
  • Creating an Action Plan for the Outcomes in your Life

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