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CRM - Customer Relationship Management


"Customer Relationship Management is an integrated approach to maximising customer value through the differential management of customer relationships."

2 Day Course Objectives:

  • Course Introduction
  • Why is CRM important? Four Important factors:
  • CRM - Customer's perspective
  • Models of Customer Management
  • Company’s Perspective
  • The Potential of CRM
  • CRM issues and challenges
  • Assessing CRM needs and potential processes
  • Assessing your current corporate CRM capability
  • Three Key stages to implementing CRM
  • Relationship mapping -- Steps in Relationship Strategy - Relationship Planning
  • How to initiate change in public sector CRM
  • How to develop a strategy for implementing CRM in public sector
  • Customer Retention and Loyalty
  • Customer Service Implications
  • CRM and the Brand
  • Systems
  • Performance and people
  • Managing leading and educating customers
  • Internal marketing#
  • Measuring performance
  • Organisational structure
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Setting Targets
  • CRM Technology – Today and tomorrow
  • Future of e-CRM

CRM is about treating different customers in different ways, depending on how much they are worth to the organisation. Everything in CRM is driven by customer segmentation and supports a differentiated sales and service approach.

"CRM is concerned with creating improved shareholder value through the development of appropriate relationships with customers. This requires an integration of people, operations and marketing capabilities".

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