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(2 days - Training Programme)

Develop the confidence, attitudes, knowledge and skills
required to provide ‘EXCELLENT’ Customer Service
in today's highly competitive business world.
It encourages participants to refocus
on what is important to their customers

Customer Service For Frontline Staff


It’s important HOW we communicate the message and the content of what we say to Customers.

This workshop helps you identify types of difficult people and situations and key internal and external strategies for dealing with them.

  • Why are people difficult?
  • Types of difficult behaviours and situations
  • Confronting a difficult person?
  • Manage your emotions
  • Strategies to deal with difficult people
  • Communicate assertively
  • Resolve difficult situations more comfortably by identifying and practicing assertive strategies

This course aims to assist participants in developing the principles and skills of telephone communication as well as become effective in providing an excellent service to customers. By learning these skills they can provide a friendly, effective service to clients, as well as contribute towards achieving business objectives.

Who can benefit

Customer service representatives, Inside sales reps, receptionists,

Technical help desk agents, Junior management / Senior management

Anyone who wants to focus, upgrade or expand their skill base, seeking advanced competency in the area of ‘Customer Care’.


  • Understand and apply key concepts in customer service
  • Learn how to motivate colleagues/staff to new performance heights
  • Manage customer complaints more effectively
  • Improve communications with employees/colleagues/customers
  • Understand that internal customer service is just as critical as external customer service
  • Prioritise and focus on the top expectations of customers
  • Gain customer trust and rapport

Course Outline:

  • Customer service is an attitude
  • Three "P"s: Positive, Personal and Perceptive
  • ‘Dynamic’ Listening skills
  • Concept of Making Promises
  • Handling Customers and Building lasting impressions
  • Building Customer Loyalty
  • Customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction measurement
  • Delivering satisfaction and Checking profitability aspects
  • Nature of customer satisfaction
  • Dealing with complaints
  • Improving Customer Relationships
  • Effective Business Communication
  • Proactive Customer Service
  • Internal conflict resolution
  • Develop listening techniques as part of communication channel
  • Methods to become more assertive without being offensive or rude
  • Tuning in body language skills to persuade others to believe in you
  • Learning to increase your Charisma factor
  • Using Powerful Methods for handling criticism and unwarranted remarks
  • Taking positive steps to solve problems and eliminating conflicts

Feedback To Each Delegate

  • Personal Action Plan
  • Thanks and closedown

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