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Delivering Satisfaction And Profit

2 Days Training Programme

Customer Service For Key Managers


In today's customer-oriented business environment, "people" skills are critical for personal and organisational success.

How you handle your customers can directly affect your individual goals as well as your team's and company's performance.

This seminar gives you the skills you need to communicate professionalism, gain respect, enhance customer relationships and secure an overall competitive advantage.

  • Customer Service: Defining Service
  • Customer Service: Communicating
  • Customer Service: Fixing Problems
  • Customer Service: Building a Department
  • Customer Service: Tools of the Trade


  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Gain repeat business
  • Increase your credibility with customers—and your value to your organisation
  • Better manage stressful situations
  • Deliver better, faster service

This course is designed to develop the confidence, attitudes, knowledge and skills required to provide ‘EXCELLENT’ Customer Service in today's highly competitive business world. It encourages participants to refocus on what is important to their customers.

The programme increases the awareness of the impact each individual has in attracting, retaining and developing business through customer service. Principles and concepts are introduced and participants develop their own personal action plans to improve quality back in the workplace.

Key Elements:

  • The Customer Service Cycle – how customers measure personal service – impressions and their importance – Attitude and Behaviour - The Impact of Your Attitude - Understanding the attitudes and emotions involved
  • What can We Do Better? – Recommendations for improving customer care – teamwork – keeping colleagues informed – ownership of problem
  • Communicating by voice only – message as received by the listener – listening and questioning skills - Manage Conversations - Listening Effectively
  • Understanding personal responsibilities - Attitudes and techniques to develop a personal plan to make a difference! - Taking Responsibility
  • Improving Customer Care – Gathering Customer Information - What can We Do Better a team? – keeping colleagues informed – ownership of problem - Becoming a Team Player

Programme Outline:

Importance of Customer Service

  • Deliver Better, Faster Service
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Gain Repeat Business
  • Increase Your Credibility with Customers-and Your Value to Your Organisation
  • Better Manage Stressful Situations

The Benefits of Excellent Service

  • Focus on Customer Service Success
  • Understand How Customer Service Creates Revenue, Healthy Organisations, and Attractive Employee Benefits
  • Appreciate How Delivering Excellent Customer Service Reduces Your Personal Stress at Work

Professionalism under Pressure

  • Understand How Emotions Are Created
  • Develop Mental Strategies for Remaining Optimistic and Calm Under Pressure
  • Use Body Language to Control Your Emotional State
  • Honour Negative Emotions Positively
  • Change Your Emotional State in Three Minutes to Avoid Negative Emotional Carryover

Internal Customer Service

  • Identify Internal and External Customers
  • Appreciate That Internal Service Is Just as Important as External Service
  • Understand the Two Levels of Customer Service
  • Have Influence over Issues You Can’t Control

Managing Customer Expectations

  • Appreciate That Customer Satisfaction Is Based on Perceptions
  • Identify Your Customers' Top Two Expectations
  • Recognise That You Can Save Time and Reduce Stress by Focusing on the Top Two Expectations of Customers
  • Prepare Yourself to Handle Customers by Knowing How and Where They Get Their Expectations

Managing Customer Expectations by Personality Style

  • Understand Yourself and Your Own Personality Style
  • Understand and Identify the Personality Styles of Others
  • Avoid Taking Things Personally
  • Expand Your Communication Skills to Get Along Easily with More Customers

Personalised Listening Skills

  • Build on Your Listening Strengths
  • Reduce Your Listening Liabilities
  • Identify Your Customer’s and Your Own Listening Style
  • Create Rapport with Customers More Easily to Have More Influence

Vocabulary, Telephone, and E-mail

  • Appreciate the Power of Words
  • Avoid Creating Negative Impressions with Words
  • Use Persuasive Language Patterns
  • Stand Out on the Telephone
  • Write E-mail Quickly That Customers Will Read and Understand

Dealing with Difficult Customers

  • Recognize and Respond Effectively to Specific Customer Behaviours
  • Understand the Physiology of Anger
  • Listen to an Angry Customer So That They Calm Down
  • Turn an Angry Customer into a Happy Repeat Customer Using a Recovery System
  • Remain Calm during Interactions with Angry Customers by Applying Emotional Management Tools

Feedback To Each Delegate

  • Personal Action Plan
  • Thanks and closedown

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