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Developing Professional Assertiveness & Confidence

Assertive Behaviour helps you deal with stressful, emotional and difficult situations rationally and effectively. Furthermore, when you behave assertively, you feel positive, calm, comfortable and confident.


  • Expressing yourself in clear, affirmative manner
  • Helping others around you grow by giving direct, honest feedback
  • Knowing about yourself and your career ambitions
  • Being productive
  • Getting your message across without stepping on others' toes

Programme Outline:


  • Course Introduction
  • Objectives and Delegates requirements for the course
  • Establish Existing skill levels – exercise

Understanding The Four Behavioural Models

  • Aggression
  • Submission
  • Assertion
  • Passive

Personal Analysis - To Increase Confidence

  • Identifying personal barriers to success
  • How conditioning and beliefs affect our behaviour in certain scenarios
  • What do you say when you talk to yourself
  • Using positive self-talk to prepare for key events

Increasing Self-Esteem, Self Belief & Self Image

  • Why being "you" is essential
  • Overcoming self-imposed barriers and limitations
  • Understanding how your current beliefs may be affecting your current performance
  • Conquering the confidence killers:
    • Fear
    • Anxiety
    • Anger
  • Enhancing and building an energised self-belief

The Role Of Bodytalk

  • Developing confident body language
  • Verbal techniques
  • Physical techniques
  • Unconscious communication
  • How to use body language to enhance your communication success

Dealing With Difficult People And Situations

  • Understanding anger, emotions and feelings
  • Why certain people and situations drain your energy and effectiveness
  • Dealing with criticism in a confident and assertive way
  • Dealing with intimidation effectively
  • Giving and receiving direct, constructive feedback
  • Getting your views, ideas objectives across in an assertive way - mastering the subtleties of influence
  • Preparing for difficult situations - using the confidence "toolkit" to increase success
  • Learning to say no
  • Negotiating for a win, win solution
  • Moving from the negative to the positive

Personal Action Plan

  • Understanding Personal responsibilities
  • Developing a Personal Action Plan to make a difference!
  • Feedback Time & Closedown

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