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Excellent Time Management & Coping with Stress


For Managers & Senior Executives

Ensure Your Personal & Business Effectiveness
Presented by U.K. Faculty

'Two Days' Intensive Programme


Time management is a way of life and this course sets out to help delegates to understand the principles and practice of time management so that they can reap the benefits of being organised in today’s high demanding professional and personal lives.

This course is designed to enable delegates:

  • To understand how to become more organised
  • Become Effective and more productive
  • How to create an environment where they can be more creative
  • More in control and as a result, achieve a reduction in their stress levels

Key Elements of this Seminar:

  • Handling Stress
  • Personal Organisation
  • Planning and Prioritising
  • Eliminating Time Wasters
  • Handling Interruptions
  • Crisis Management (for Managers)
  • Cures for Procrastination
  • Enhanced Use of Discretionary Time

New Practical Concept of Time Management – more than just ‘To-Do Listing’

Seminar Outline:


  • Key Stress Areas & Personal Time Management
  • Strengths and Weakness Areas in Time-Management

Understanding Stress

  • What is it and how does it happen?
  • The factors surrounding stress
  • The signs, symptoms, causes and triggers of stress
  • Why stress is a powerful messenger and why we go into stress denial
  • How to break the vicious cycle of stressful thinking
  • Recognising and understanding the counter-productive, stress-induced behaviours
  • The vital link between our perception, beliefs and our stress

Need for Time-Management

  • Time Management Quiz
  • '10 Techniques' to Deal with Information Overload
  • Designing your Life & Time-Management
  • Looking Ahead

Tortured Worker

  • Are YOU a Tortured Worker? - Exercise
  • Bottlenecks & Causes
  • 5 Useful Tips

Time Loss Factors

  • Handling '40' Time Wasters
  • Telephone Time
  • Meetings Time
  • Priority Tasks Time
  • Communication Time
  • Delegation Time
  • Crisis Time
  • Combat Distraction
  • Dealing with '32 Factors' that are Time-Consumers


  • Overcoming Procrastination
    • '4 Reasons' for Putting -off

Effective Measures

  • Quadrant Method
  • Prioritise your Responsibilities & Tasks
  • Match Priorities in Terms of Importance to Activities
  • Better Delegation Techniques as a Time-Saving Tool
  • '50 Ideas' to Save Time
  • How to Handle Interruptions
    • Self-Imposed Interruptions
    • Team-Based Interruptions
    • Checklist provided for Monitoring

Performing and Achieving Goals

  • Establish Clear Goals and Objectives
  • OPA System: Getting the Results
  • Develop Strategies to Cope with Crises and Interruptions
  • Use Control System to Monitor Work in Progress

Personal Action Plan

  • Monthly Check List
  • PAP & Closedown

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