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Customers don't care what you know until they know that you care."

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Handling Complaints & Building Customer Confidence


Handling Complaints:

Dealing with problems and receiving and reacting to complaints are more challenging in today’s Customer-oriented Marketplace with increasing competition.

"Customer complaints are wake-up calls for any business, when they're not meeting customer needs. They are a feedback mechanism that can help organizations to improve their service and style rapidly and inexpensively. Businesses that don't value their customer's complaints suffer from costly, negative word-of-mouth advertising."

Programme Outline:


  • Understanding Stress
  • Recognising the Warning Signs
  • Establish Existing skill levels – exercise

Customer Care

  • CARE: Nice or Necessity?
  • Learn to Control Emotions
  • Key to Understanding Customers
  • Active Listening
  • Art of Questioning

Managing Complaints - 9A’s Formula

  • Availability - Most important factor
  • Approach - Professional
  • Attentiveness - Listening fully
  • Awareness - Knowledge/Info/Systems
  • Assertiveness - Able to stand ground at times
  • Acceptability - Not being Argumentative but convincing
  • Analysis - Diagnosis and offering solutions
  • Assurance - Able to win customer and endorse satisfaction
  • ACTION - Agree / Confirm / Check Customer Satisfaction

Image & Approach

  • Do’s and Don’ts – Handling Complaints
  • Empathize with the customer's difficulty
  • Develop Positive Body language
  • Use Influencing Style
  • Right Choice of Words
  • Dealing positively with challenging situations
  • Dealing with Difficult and Angry Customers
  • Building Rapport
  • Assertive Approach to win-win Outcome


  • Complaint Turn-around Outcome
  • Importance of Follow-through till Resolved
  • Maintaining Records of Complaints
  • Re-building Customer Confidence & Satisfaction
  • Maintaining Professionalism
  • Creating a Professional Image over the Telephone/ Face2 Face
  • Personal Action Planning

Practical Exercises / Case Studies / Role Plays

Personal Action Plan

  • Understanding Personal responsibilities
  • Developing a Personal Action Plan to make a difference!
  • Feedback Time & Closedown

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