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Time Wastage Categories:

1.  Planning
2.  Organising
3.  Staffing
4.  Directing
5.  Controlling
6.  Communicating
7.  Decision-making

Time is LIMITED for All.

Time & Tide wait for no one.

Do you take Time to:

Take Time to WORK – It is the Price of Success
Take Time to THINK – It is Source of Strength

Take Time to PLAY – It is the Secret of Youth
Take Time to READ – It is the Seed of Wisdom

Take Time to be FRIENDLY – It brings Happiness

Ways in which we waste our time:

1. Indecision

2. Messy work areas

3. Not being able to say “no”

4. Lack of planning

5. Inability to prioritise

6. Slow Reading/ Writing skills

7. Suffering from Physical or mental exhaustion

8. Procrastination

9. Low Self-motivation

10. Worried about what Others think of you

11. Getting support/ cooperation from others

12.Bureaucratic “red tape”

13. Too much planning and not enough action

14. No thinking time

Minor Time Wasters:

Chained to the mobile or telephone

Checking Email constantly

Checking Emails in between other tasks

Reading Junk mail or Browsing on Net

Meetings without Agenda

Unexpected/Unwanted visitors

Regular Interruptions during the day

Producing Needless Reports

Office Chit-chat / Gossiping

Spending time on Personal Issues

Negative People

Major Time Wasters:

Unclear ''Objectives


Unsure/ Afraid to Delegate

Not Assertive - cant Say "NO"

Lack of Self-Discipline

Low Self-Esteem or Self-Belief

Problems With Objectives/Priorities

Too many things at once

Unorganized Space or Environment


Fear of Failure or Criticism

Work from Different Bosses/ Peers

Top Management Interference

Put on a Different Watch:

W –  Wastage
A  –      Actions
T  –        Tasks to do
C  –          Commitment
H  –             Habits

Bad Time Management leads to Stress

- Bip Parmar
Get Measured by Results:

It does not matter how hard You work or how much
Time You spend working, but what matters is HOW
much You achieve in a that time.

Results count always and not the amount of Practice you out in.

Time Management is all about Productivity.
So get SMART with Time.

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