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Professional Communication

12 (Bad) Habits That Stop You From Developing Professional People Skills

If we start walking backwards then we end up with lots of problems – like bumping into people or obstacles etc. We feel we’re out of control and confidence to handle ourselves. Professional Communication is like walk backwards in life when we should be an expert at walking forward with confidence.

If you’re not very successful at dealing with people, then we hope the following tips will help you to become successful as we need to learn exactly how to interact with people the proper way.

12 Bad habits to avoid when interacting:

# Habit 1 – Not facing your fears.
Many people have fear facing people they work with generally. There is so much fear of certain people – specially boss or odd colleague. Some people have developed the fear from their childhood – due to strict schooling, upbringing or bullying etc.
This factor destroy the total personality as fear is prominent on the facial expression and bossy language – thus affecting the speech, voice etc.
You strongly need to do something about this as today world as has no time or space for underperformers. The fear of rejection or ridicule or failure frequently inhibits your success in the professional world.
The one who can speak – more if he can speak up – gets valued. So start believing in your own self and build courage or confidence to face people. Instead of thinking about you – get your focus on the other person – to win them with your charm. Hence you stop thinking or focusing on your fear or weakness to face people. So do start being positive.

# Habit 2 – Serious Facial Expression
Straight inexpressive facial look, frowning and not smiling enough highlights negative behaviour. No one likes to spend time with someone who’s unfriendly or in a bad mood. If you’re not feeling too great then it is not their problem. Remember -Your image is at stake. People love to spend time with optimistic, smiling personality. Develop this habit at any cost. Check yourself in the mirror to determine which look is better – a smiley face or otherwise.

# Habit 3 – Making a poor first impression.
Your image and Appearance count a lot. That doesn’t mean you need to be good looking but presentable. How we dress and groom ourselves speaks volumes about us. It is the hidden messages conveyed to others about our beliefs, values and taste.
It helps to get this step right in order to build relationships quickly with others. This does save lot of problems in future in terms of conflicting personalities. So make an effort to impress people before you even start speaking.

# Habit 4 –Looking down at the floor when speaking to someone.
If you were told when young that staring at people was impolite, you’re totally right.
However, this does not mean you can’t look at someone in his or her eyes. Aim to look at someone directly in their eyes when speaking to them and at times look on side of their head for few seconds and back to their eyes when conversing.


# Habit 5 – Slouching when you’re standing or sitting down.
Stand up straight or even sit up straight in meetings or any professional environment. When you slouch you appear much more casual. It gives a positive and confident look when we are upright. We also tend to listen better and focus on our conversation.


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# Habit 6 – Not making an effort to speak well.
Speech mastery is crucial in Business environment. Wrong words means things going wrong. We hear a lot on the news that ‘one’ single word wrongly uttered in public causes lot of mayhem, debates or conflicts.
We are living in a ‘fast pace world’ where communications and conversations are paramount – so develop this habit to influence people. Obviously it doesn’t mean that you blabber on (speak non-stop or a lot) but you do need to become a great conversationalist. Hence learn to articulate and choose your words wisely.


# Habit 7 – Not being a good listener.
 Have you ever noticed how you tend to fall into a mind    drift as soon as the other person begins to speak? Okay, well if you really don’t care about the person, then fine. But if you do, make an effort to listen and let the person speak. It will only help you further on in the conversation.

  # Habit 8 – Refusing to be open minded.
Close mind doesn’t make you a winner of people. You don’t have to agree with all but at least you can keep your mind to listen and understand their point of view.
This often creates a barrier to building bridges when interacting leading to long-term harm. There are so many different types of people out there. There are different religions, different castes/races, different cultures, and different languages.
We should learn to accept others for who they are not for what we want them to be. Open-minded means giving full respect and checking out our understanding. We can always convey our views and convince others with our ability to communicate effectively. This can only happen if they can see we are surely open-minded.

   # Habit 9 – Not being Proactive.
Laziness or procrastination often destroys our image and intentions to succeed. We usually stay in a reactive mode rather than being proactive. Without action life does become dull or routine. It is up to us to do something so our future becomes fruitful – rather than moan or complain.
We tend to focus on wrong things rather than important ones.
We get what we FOCUS on. What we are achieving today is the result of what we are REALLY focusing on or even NOT focusing on. So stop blaming others or situations or circumstances, instead take action to plan, prepare and proceed.

   # Habit 10 – Avoiding talking to strangers.
Ever since the younger days, our parents have drilled into us that talking to strangers is bad. However today’s world is different when we grow up and interact in a Professional World.
Nowadays person who can interact well with anyone gets lot more recognition, respect and admiration in the Corporate jungle.
You must feel comfortable speaking with all different types and levels of personnel within and outside your organisation.

  # Habit 11 – Not keeping in touch with your   Business Contacts
It is crucial nowadays to keep in touch with your key acquaintances to make sure you maintain the best relationships. Regular contact to remind them is getting important as we build a mountain of contacts in the ‘E-world’.
Often festivals or birthdays are good enough reasons to forget the relationship or remind them of our existence.

   # Habit 12 – Doesn’t enjoy Social-networking
Work is always important but we still need to find little time to greet and network with people in our daily lives. We often tend to withdraw ourselves and only network with people we like. It is a case of pick and choose who I get on with and then I will open up or get interested in them. People are often avoided who we see on a regular basis.
To become a people person we should network – chitchat – small talk – to show you are a friendly, caring and approachable person. It also helps to build respect for your openness making them feel important. If you get a chance, do go out occasionally and have fun as well as memorable trips/nights/functions out!
It is your second family – as most of us spend more than one third of our life at work.

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