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Business Presentation Tips and Checklist

Presenting well is important in today’s business and a checklist may help to ensure that you've got all the areas well practiced.

All presentations have four things in common: a presenter, an audience, a venue, and a message.

When you stand there in front of them, all that matters to them is what you look like and what you say.

First of all, you have to make a positive first impression on your audience by how you stand, by your appearance, and how you look at them

Secondly, you must lead your audience through your message, referencing what is important through the language you use, and the physical techniques you employ

Thirdly, to make your presentation really memorable and outstanding

Presentation Do's

Do begin preparing as early as possible
Do contact audience members beforehand
Do rehearse in front of the mirror
Do make your first impressions and last impressions count
Do make eye contact with all in the audience
Do Speak slowly and clearly
Do Speak from the heart
Do Add some enthusiasm to your talk
Do Remain Audience-Focused
Do use Anecdotes, illustrations or personal stories make it more memorable
Do control anxiety with slow, deep breaths
Do close with thanks

Presentation Don'ts

Don't overdo graphics or technology
Don’t read Speeches
Don’t become wooden – too stiff
Don't say too much
Don’t speak fast and flat
Don't debate or argue with questioners
Don't exceed your time
Don't lock your hands together or hide them
Don't over-gesture or become overly dramatic
Don’t become over-dependent on Visual Aids - ppt
Don't read your slides
Don't give long answers
Don't preoccupy on what went wrong
Don't expect to become a "pro" overnight

Presentation Checklist:

Planning the Presentation

Who is my audience? Are there any special considerations, age, language, ability, subject matter knowledge etc?
What is the purpose of my presentation? Is my topic punchy and appropriate?
How much preparation and practice time do I have?
Is the style of presentation appropriate for the audience and my abilities?

Structure of the Presentation

What are the 3 things the audience should remember/understand from this presentation? Are they clear and memorable?
What is the best logical sequence in presenting the information/data?
Have I given sufficient, clear examples to illustrate difficult or important points?
Will my visual aids enhance or detract my presentation?


Did I show any nervousness to the audience through mannerisms, movement or voice?
Did I project my Image properly? (dress and appearance)
Did I smile frequently?
Did I have good eye contact? Did I include all members of my audience?
Did I sound alive, interested and/or concerned?
Did I appear relaxed and confident?
Did my ideas progress smoothly and/or logically?
Did I use any qualifying words that weakened my points ?
Did I speak at the right pace or was I too fast or too slow to be boring?
Did I vary my rate during more important ideas or reinforcement of ideas?
Were my main points identifiable?
Was the purpose of my presentation or speech achieved?
Were my gestures free and meaningful?
Can I deliver the presentation within time? (including audience questions)
Was I speaking clearly and confidently?
Did all my audience hear me?
Did I speak clearly? Did they understand me?
Am I comfortable with my memory prompts?
What questions or objections am I likely to get, and have I answered them up front?
Do I know how to answer them?
Did I use my visual aids easily and confidently?
How will I handle awkward questions, criticism or audience disinterest?
How will I explain if my audience have misunderstood a key point?
Did I present or simply read from the screen?

Presentation Power is based on - Critical Areas for Self-Assessment:
• Knowledge of Subject matter presented
• Level of Details vs. Level of Audience
• Structure of Presentation
• Non Verbal Communication – Body Language and Gestures
• Verbal - Voice and Words - communication
• Use of Visual Aids, Graphics and Support Material

Please rate yourself – out of 10 in each critical area every time you present
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