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Powerful Presentation Tips

Many of us would rather walk away than get up in front of a group to address them – especially in a Business situation. You have to speak with some level of comfort when presenting otherwise you fail to impress your audience.
Too often the confidence level is shattered from childhood which transcends into our Professional career leaving us shaking whenever we are asked to present at a meeting. Internally we tend to pray for some magic to save us like unexpected phone call, laptop crashing out ………..etc

When introducing business colleagues or presenting at a meeting, you communicate your image and personality. In present competitive corporate environment, it is a must to acquire powerful presentation skills and enhance your personal power.

Most people are now improving their communication skills. However it is important in today’s world – how to ‘Present’ and not just communicate. In most presentations the distance is so close; the audience will notice and evaluate everything about you.

  • Take your time to check out the Audio Visual equipment before starting.
  • Learn to use a MICROPHONE effectively when holding it in your hand or having a collar-mike. Many presenters are so nervous to test and they start specking without testing. They frustrate their audience because they turn away from the microphone as they speak, thus sound is too low to make it effective or worse. Some speak too loudly, which is equally annoying. Others tend to have it too close to mouth making the speech difficult to understand. Practice at home in front of the mirror.
  • When speaking please do not mumble your words. Ensure you have VOICE Clarity. Learn to do Jaw exercises plus deep breathing.
  • DRESS Right for success! Portray your Professional image making it appealing to your audience. They will notice everything about you and make a note of it. This happens often before you utter a single word.
  • Connect with your audience through EYE CONTACT. This is usually missing when someone is nervous or uncomfortable. Golden rule is not to look at two area – 1. Ceiling – as we are just talking in the air and not really serious about what we are saying - 2. Floor – meaning you don’t value yourself and you don’t want to be there presenting. You are just doing or speaking for sake of it. Both cases you don’t create impact at all. So avoid it and look at your audience. They feel respected and in turn will respect you for standing in front of them.
  • Become aware of your BODY LANGUAGE - arms, legs, hips, hands, face, etc. Posture plus use of your hands is very important in business presentations. Gestures sometimes can be annoying for the audience – like continual touching of your nose – so get conscious of your non-verbal communication – which represents nearly 55% in face to face communications. Whatever you feel usually comes out in your body language – so overcome your nerves by building confidence and self-worth.
  • Presentation ppt should have a structure with key points highlighted with ‘corporate coloured slides’. Don’t put too much writing on the slides – just key words/phrases and your speech should highlight or explain these.
  • Never spend too much time reading from the slides – which means you are not prepared. Some read their slides – word for word. They could read it as well so they don’t need you really. You should be memorable and look at the audience rather the screen.
  • Adhere to your allotted time. Make sure you don’t go beyond the time allowed. If need be then please seek permission before doing so.
  • If possible get someone to video you – so you can learn from your mistakes. List what you are not happy about and start practicing to get it right next time.

    Stay Focused and eliminate your FEARs.  Best policy to adopt is to Deliver YOUR BEST.

Be Successful -- Bip Parmar

Bip Parmar (U.K. based Visiting Faculty for Lifezone Training India) is a Leadership Expert, Communication Specialist, Personal and Professional Coach, Qualified Management and Marketing Consultant (U.K.) with 25 years of Training experience.

Copyright © Lifezone Training Compiled and Designed by Bip Parmar

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