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Mastering Personality Development & Grooming Techniques Registration Request
Mastering Personality Development & Grooming Techniques


Programme Details:

  • Introduction
  • Conditioning your ‘Mind’ to get Right Results
  • Developing Pleasing Personality
  • Mastering your Communication Skills
  • Understanding and Developing Rapport
  • Raising your ‘Standards’ via Grooming Yourself
  • Making the Difference in your Life that will make the Difference

There are lot of subjects which can be included e.g Posture, Business Etiquette, Body Language, Personal Hygiene, Social / Corporate Grooming etc.

For two hour session we need to have more details of which particular topic you need or what is your key objective? Grooming and Personality Development – both modules are very extensive and it is not possible to cover these in a short period.

Therefore, we request some key indicators so that we can shape the module to ensure that it will add Value to the audience.

Please let us know what sort of event it is and who the delegates are – so that we can tune the programme accordingly to deliver maximum impact and benefit.

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