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Performance Appraisal & Counselling Skills


Two Day Intensive & Interactive Course

Performance Appraisal has never been easy for managers or employees.

A Performance Appraisal Interview helps employees clarify their role, identify opportunities to take challenges and understand their strengths in performing present and future assignments.

Performance Appraisal requires sensitive attention to the needs of people, responsible concern for productivity and open communication about achieving the targets of the organisation.


  • To provide practical inputs on the objectives & methods of performance appraisal
  • To learn the use of coaching and counselling skills for effective performance

Performance Appraisal - Benefits

  • Method of conveying common values about the performance culture of the organisation
  • Greater clarity of objectives - corporate, departmental, team and individual
  • Improved performance - clarity of measures
  • Increased motivation - recognition and reward
  • Improved training and development - clearer focus
  • Improved communications - more open working environment

Performance Appraisal - Problems

  • No clear direction, weak values and performance culture
  • Vague and inequitable objectives
  • Variable and inequitable appraisal/review leading to lack of improved performance and motivation
  • Inadequate provision for training and development
  • Poor communications due to bureaucracy

Programme Outline:

Introduction to Course and Delegates

  • Understanding the Appraisal Process
  • Planning the appraisal
  • Why appraise Performance?
  • Identification of Key Areas of Performance
  • Setting specific goal or objective
  • Outlining objectives and Setting Targets
  • Deciding on Performance Goals, Standards, Personal Attributes and Competencies
  • Identification of performance measures or indicators (qualitative or quantitative)
  • Analysing Facilitating/Inhibiting Factors

Preparation & Planning for an Appraisal Interview

  • Interviewing and questioning skills
  • Reviewing past performance
  • How to praise performance and constructively criticise
  • Discussing poor performance fairly
  • Setting clear and realistic objectives
  • Essential follow up
  • Dealing with difficult employees
  • Common Errors in Performance Ratings
  • Role-plays of typical appraisal scenarios
  • Guidelines For Giving Feedback
  • Encourage self-criticism

Handling Disputes / Problems during Performance Reviews

  • Concentrate on particular points
  • Outline the positive points
  • Indicate what can be and should be done
  • Take time to explain things to the employee properly
  • Managing the Concerns of Appraisees & Appraisers
  • Behaviour Change reinforcement
  • Recognising Individual & Team Performance
  • Exploring Problem Areas & Overcoming Impediments
  • Causes of Ineffective Performance
  • Confronting poor performance
  • Active Listening, & Questioning
  • Constructive Criticism & Deadly Sins of Reprimanding
  • Sequential Process of Performance Counselling
  • Making the Appraisal System Work
  • Providing Feedback to Enhance/Sustain Effort
  • Respecting Timelines and Sanctity of the Appraisal Process
  • Annual performance review and goal setting
  • INTERACTIVE Exercise

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