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Growth Climate and Market Competitiveness
are nowadays adding Pressure and Problems as well as making
many demands on the time, ability and people skills.


Professional Coaching provided to develop
your Valuable Personnel to meet
Challenges and Changes
In the Growth, Innovative & Competitive Markets

Coaching provided by U.K.’s Professional & Qualified COACH
In Person and over the Phone

  • Nowadays, huge responsibilities for specific operations reside on the shoulders of those Key Personnel, who have not had the luxury of Training or chance of developing their experience.
  • Coaching is a Management Tool that allows for Personal and Professional Change. Coaching is an Action-oriented partnership that concentrates on the present and how to define, clarify and implement Personal/ Professional Goals.
  • Many Organisations are now so flat that quite junior staffs (in terms of status) have huge responsibilities. Nowadays, Senior and Middle managers don’t have time to adjust to the demands of an operational role to that of a more strategic focus.
  • The higher up ^ the Managerial ladder a person gets the fewer people there are around with whom he or she can communicate on a trusting, confidential basis.
  • One-2-One (1:1) Coaching is outlined after consultation to help maximise an individual’s potential to succeed within your organisation.

Specialised Coaching available:

...Team Coaching
.....’Special Task’ Group Coaching
.........Cluster Coaching (HODs or Directors)
............Interviewing Coaching
...............Professional Marketing /Presentation Coaching
..................Business Leadership Coaching

We will cater to Your Exact Needs through Understanding and Customisation

Key Coaching Areas:

  • Leadership and You
  • Professional Leadership with Right Style
  • Use of Authority, Power and Position
  • Developing Better Attitudes in others
  • Leading & Developing Peak Performers
  • Transforming the Organization
  • Handling & Leading during times of Change
  • Creating Team Competencies
  • Management Communications & Human Relations
  • Non-verbal communication & Body Language
  • Interaction with people at different levels
  • Successful & Constructive feedback
  • Negotiation skills in different situations
  • Presenting the Right Image
  • Mastering your Speech Delivery
  • Power of Voice & Effective Projection
  • Developing Professional Approach
  • Handling Difficult and Different Scenarios
  • Art of Questioning & Art of Listening
  • Understanding Others and showing Openness
  • Communicating the Vision
  • Developing Patience & Empathy
  • Building Success attitudes and habits
  • Overcoming Fear & Anxiety
  • Building Super- confidence
  • Goal Planning and Achieving Systems
  • Decision making in the organization
  • Creating Work- life Balance
  • Powerful Business Writing Skills
  • Email Etiquette and tips
  • Creating Impact with right words
  • Effective Planning & Time Management
  • Mastering Day to Day Management

And many more …………….

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