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Via Telephone & Video Conferencing Methods

2 Day Training Programme

Recruitment Interviewing Skills



Programme Objectives:

  • Master the elements of recruitment and selection procedure
  • Develop interviewing and selection skills
  • Understand and develop your own Body Language skills
  • Learn different Questioning Techniques
  • Develop to build Rapport quickly especially with International Applicants
  • Understand the different Cultural Issues and Management Practices Abroad

Training methods:

Use of Audio and Videos, Mini-presentations, discussions, individual and group participations, Reviews plus games

Programme Outline:


  • Course introductions
  • Objectives and delegates requirements for the course
  • Establish existing skills levels – exercise

Communicating Style, Self-Awareness & Self-Evaluation

  • Importance of Communications
  • Barriers to Communications
  • How do we like to communicate best?
  • Techniques to improve communication and to build rapport
  • Developing Confidence and Self-control
  • Making and Using Notes

Verbal & Non-Verbal Communications

  • Body language – techniques
  • Posture and Movement
  • Eye Communication
  • Gestures and Facial Expressions
  • Role of eyesight in communicating- exercise
  • The power and use of body language
  • Body language – practice
  • Dress and Appearance
  • Voice and Vocal Variety
  • Language, Pauses and Non-verbs
  • Using Humour
  • Effective Listening & Listener Involvement

Interviewing Tips

  • The 4 P's of Interviewing
  • Interviewing Plan
  • Conducting the interview
  • Designing an Interview Guide
  • Preparation of Personal Specification Sheet for Each Candidate
  • Candidate’s Attributes Checklist:
    • Communication Skills Level
    • Interpersonal Skills
    • Organisation and Planning Skills
    • Self-management
    • Intellectual and Creative Skills
    • Technical Skills
  • Checking good & first impressions
  • Conducting the Interview - Recording Interview Responses
  • Selling your company to potential new employees
  • Second Interviews guidelines
  • Interaction and Maintaining the Self-esteem
  • Controlling the Pace of the Interview
  • Active Listening - Observing
  • Cultural Awareness & Etiquette

Telephone Interview Techniques

  • Creating Interview Criteria
  • Interview Structure Plan
  • Developing ‘Right’ Interviewing skills
  • Interviewing Tips for Interviewers
  • Use of ‘Tricky Questions’
  • Reading between the Lines
  • Guide to Interview Closures

Questions for gaining Vital Information

  • Understanding your style of questioning
  • Developing Questioning Techniques & getting Information
  • Knowledge based and probing questioning techniques
  • Be Prepared: Common Interview Questions
  • Reasons Why People should Join ‘Mphasis’
  • Asking Planned Behavioural Questions
  • Identifying the Critical Job Questions to Identify Behaviour
  • Characteristics of Behavioural Questions
  • Personality Probing Questions
  • Work Habits and Personal Style Questions
  • Quantifying Your Experience and Accomplishments
  • Experience and Management Questions
  • Career & Goals Questions
  • Interviewing Mistakes to Avoid

Interviewees’ Nonverbal Communications Signals

  • Dress
  • Grooming
  • Enthusiasm
  • Eye contact
  • Listening style
  • Facial Expressions
  • Use of Non-words
  • Choice of Words & Language command

Putting the techniques into practice

  • Video Recordings of Presentations for Feedback
  • Assessment of Personality, Communicating & Presentation Style
  • Individual Feedback

Personal Action Plan

  • Course review
  • Feedback Time
  • Thanks and closedown

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