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Sales Management Skills in Corporate Finance


Course Overview:

This workshop covers every aspect of selling so that corporate finance executives can sell with confidence in the framework of a structure that enable them to be professional.

It takes participants through a process that they can use in every selling situation and is based around consultative selling, which involves finding out what the customer wants before trying to sell anything.

It is a very interactive workshop with lots of exercises to reinforce the learning.

Course Content:

The Seven Step Sales Process

Setting objectives

  • Appreciating customer requirements
  • Presenting tailored solutions
  • Handling objections
  • Negotiating Win / Win deals
  • Closing confidently
  • Post call activity
  • Identifying the importance of each stage of the selling process

Setting Customer Objectives

  • Appreciating Customer Requirements
  • Techniques required to understand customers needs
  • Open, leading and closed questions
  • The Funnel questioning technique

Features, Applications and Benefits (FAB)

  • Identifying the FAB elements of products
  • Using FAB to match the needs gathered from customers

Enhancing the Sales Presentation

  • Presenting at the right stage
  • Using the customer’s own words

Handling Objections

  • Identifying frequently encountered objections
  • The pre-emption of objections
  • Developing appropriate responses

Handling Price Objections

  • Win/Win Negotiations
  • Identification of your bottom line
  • Fact-finding to establish points for negotiation
  • Trading concessions

Closing the Sale

  • Importance of closing
  • Recognition of the seven stage selling in the closing process

Post Call Activity

  • Keeping the customer happy after the sale
  • Activity to identify the best practices in maintaining long-term relationships

Feedback To Each Delegate After Presentation

  • Personal Action Plan
  • Thanks and closedown

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