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Secret Of Success For Secretaries

Advanced Skills for Executive Secretaries
Top skills for a Secretaries P.A.s, Key Admin Assts.

Two Day Intensive & Interactive Workshop


  • Enhance your confidence, build your self-esteem, and control your aggressiveness and stop being submissive.
  • This course builds skills and techniques to ensure you achieve the outcomes you want in a wide range of challenging situations.

Course Objectives:

  • By the end of the programme, you will be able to:
    • Define and understand Assertiveness and the styles of behaviour
    • Recognise the benefits and value of assertive behaviour versus other types
    • Recognise your own style of behaviour
    • Deal with your language and body-language to act in a more assertive way
    • Handle difficult situations and conflicts
    • Integrate Assertive Techniques (The 7 Keys of Assertiveness)
  • To identify and correct deficiencies, enhance strengths and promote professionalism in the modern executive secretary and administrator.
  • Increase your awareness of your style and identify how to adapt your style to different situations and  personalities.
  • Understand different behavioural styles and how they can be used.
  • Understand the barriers to successful communication and how to overcome them.
  • Create the appropriate atmosphere for constructive face-to-face communications.
  • Construct and deliver your message - ensuring you are understood and that you encourage a positive response.
  • Use body language, voice and your own behaviour positively.
  • Deliver your message with confidence and impact.

Key Benefits:

During the course delegates participate in interactive sessions with discussions, exercises and case studies. Delegates work from real-life experiences and role-plays.

By the end of this course, delegates formulate a Personal Action Plan (Who, What and When) to be applied immediately upon return to work.

Programme Outline:

Define Assertiveness and the Style of Behaviour

  • Identifying the benefits of being assertive
  • Understanding the difference between:
    • assertiveness, aggression, submission
  • Identifying the principle human behaviours of workplace situations
  • Understanding the importance between:
    • language and body-language

Recognize your Own Style of Behaviour

  • Establishing your individual style
  • Analysing your strengths and weakness
  • Managing your stress effectively
  • How you are perceived by others
  • How you perceive others
  • Learning to put value on your self-esteem
  • Identifying methods to build self-esteem and develop confidence
  • Building relationships with other employees

Resolve Difficult Situations and Conflicts

  • Identifying real difficult situations outside the workplace:
    • Aggressiveness, submission…
  • Managing stress and tension in relationships:
    • how to avoid fixed and antagonistic positions
  • Avoiding confrontation and conflict and neutralising negativity
  • Understanding the basics of Transactional Analysis
  • How to adopt a confident style and to be a good example

Integrate the Assertive Techniques

  • The 7 Keys of Assertiveness:
    1. Starting by using positive body language
    2. Asking others clear and concise questions
    3. Listening to them constructively
    4. Answering and saying what you think and feel (feedback)
    5. Being self-controlled about your emotions
    6. Distinguishing between your opinion and the facts
    7. Achieving a positive-minded attitude
  • How to apply assertive techniques every day

Feedback Time
Thanks and closedown

Designed For/ who should attend:

  • This course is for PAs and members of support staff who wish to improve their personal effectiveness by learning and applying the techniques to develop more confident manner in all situations.

Experienced secretaries and administrators and those working in the office environment with responsibility for the efficient administration and co-ordination of the physical, administrative and human resources of a department.

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