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Develop the Confidence, Attitude and Key Behavioural skills
required to build ‘EXCELLENT’ Relationships
in Today's Demanding Business World.

Successful Call Centre Training


It’s important HOW we communicate the message

In the Corporate Environment to create Impact and Impression

Key Elements:

  • Ability to communicate at all levels
  • Understanding the attitudes and emotions involved
  • Developing Confidence and Self- Control
  • Communicating with Different personalities
  • Initiative and drive to achieve organisation objectives
  • Acquire the skills of influence and assertiveness that give you the results you want and a positive work climate
  • Reduce the stress of difficult situations with people
  • Focus on Customer facilitation
  • Developing customer focus, dedication, initiative and drive
  • Improve ability to build winning relationships with everyone at work
  • Present the image you want and get your message across
  • Understand different behavioural styles and how they can be used

Training Modules:

Customer /Call Centre Skills:

  • Call Handling
  • Communication Skills
  • Customer Care
  • Personal Development
  • Writing Skills and Formats
  • E-mail Writing

Voice & Accent Training Modules:

  • Voice Modulation
  • Pronunciation
  • Proper English
  • Comprehension
  • Audio and Video Presentations
  • Important Cultural Issues - relating to Western Europe

Outline of Course Modules:



 Call Handling



  • Developing Professional Approach
  • Call Transferring and Call Waiting
  • Positive and Caring Attitude
  • Appropriate Aptitude & Knowledge
  • Approachable, Pleasing and Smiling
  • Developing a Sense of Humour
  • Controlling Moods and Emotions
  • Rational Behaviour and Judgement
  • Correct use of Language and proper English
  • Responsible Attitude
  • Display Willingness and Commitment
  • Controlling Distractions
  • Common Pitfalls on Telephone


 Communication Skills


  • Company’s Image = Your Presentation on Phone
  • Use of Language and choice of words
  • Importance of Tonality (Vocal Exercises)
  • Power of Listening – Actively
  • Understanding & Having an Open Mind
  • Developing Empathy
  • Learning from Mistakes to prevent them again
  • Developing Product and Customer Base knowledge for Better Communication skills and Confidence
  • Use of Body Language and gestures
  • Avoiding Criticism, Confrontation or being Patronising
  • Preparing Notes and double checking
  • Building FAQs
  • Projecting Energy and Enthusiasm
  • Use of Pause, and elimination of Non-words


 Customer Care



  • Ensuring Quality
  • Building Customer Confidence & Trust
  • Going an Extra Mile for Customer Loyalty
  • Building lasting Rapport
  • R.I.S.E. – Theory
  • Responding
  • Interpreting
  • Sensing
  • Evaluating


 Personal Development


  • Developing Self-Motivational Techniques
  • Managing Time/ Space/ Info. / Calls Efficiently
  • Healthy Outlook – Mentally & Physically
  • Handling Boredom and Stress
  • Becoming Flexible to Learn and Progress
  • Personal & Professional Outlook Success Factors
  • Becoming Proactive and Observant
  • Useful Tips for developing Better Habits
  • Checking Own Performance Criteria
  • Setting OWN Targets for Achievement Edge


 Writing Skills and Formats



  • Purpose of Business Emails / Correspondence
  • Principles and Importance of Effective Writing
  • Writing Concretely and Concisely
  • Involving the Reader in your Writing
  • Dealing with Routine Emails, Queries, Complaints
  • Dealing with Good News & Bad News
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Business Emails
  • Understand What Motivates People to Read
  • Sound Sincere and Personal
  • Be Positive in Your Approach


 E-mail writing


  • How has email changed and what are the trends
  • Email etiquette
  • Avoid excessive punctuation!!!
  • Why is empty space important?
  • Choose the right level of language
  • Choose the right style and tone
  • Personalise your writing

 Voice & Accent Training Modules :


 Voice Modulation


  • Clarity
  • Sound and pitch
  • Pace
  • Volume
  • Variety
  • Fluency & Flow
  • Exercises




  • Consonants
  • Vowels
  • Intonation
  • Tongue and Jaw Exercises
  • Mumbling & Monotony
  • Rate of speech
  • Dialects
  • Appendages
  • Rhythm
  • Tag Questions
  • Pauses and Volume
  • Inflection
  • Eliminating Indian Accent


 Proper English


  • Grammatical Errors
  • Usage of Articles
  • Verbs, Adj. Pronouns etc.




  • Key to Understanding and Being Understood
  • Important point about how we speak and use English
  • Namely, English is considered a stressed language
  • Stressed Words
  • Function Words


 Audio and Video Presentations


  • Watching - Videos
  • Listening to Audio Tapes
  • Imitating Peculiar Words & Phrases
  • Speaking common sentences
  • Role play & Recording
  • Practice methodology


 Important Cultural Issues -  relating to Western Europeans  (Danish)


  • Etiquette & Mannerisms
  • Cultural Issues – TV serials, economy & customer background
  • Customer Expectations – method of business & approach
  • Common Pitfalls - over exaggeration

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