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Successful Interviewing Skills

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Interview is most critical point in the employment process.  Lot of people look good on paper, but in reality the real characteristics are not brought out at the interview sessions. As Hiring Manager or Line Manager - this programme helps you to develop your skills when selecting the right people for your organisation.

Programme Objectives:

  • Identify roles and responsibilities of line manager in the recruitment and selection process
  • Describe the elements of recruitment and selection procedure
  • List the benefits of a systematic approach
  • Develop interviewing and selection skills

Key Benefits:

  • Develop basic skills and knowledge involved in recruitment and selection of staff
  • Avoid Interview Pitfalls
  • Handling  Small Talk
  • Analysis of Interview Behaviour
  • Outline principles and techniques involved in the process of recruitment and selection.

Programme Outline:

  • Introductions
  • Reviewing the post & Job descriptions
  • The 4 P's of Interviewing
  • Preparation of Personal Specification Sheet for Each Candidate
  • Competencies - Types of Competency
  • Using Competencies in Selection - Analysing the Job
  • Checklist of a Skills Inventory
    • Communication Skills
    • Interpersonal Skills
    • Organisation and Planning Skills (including self-management)
    • Intellectual, Technical and Creative Skills

Interviewing Skills:

  • Interviewing Tips for Interviewers
  • Be Prepared: Common Interview Questions
  • Prepare Top 10 Interview Questions
  • Styles of Questions
    • Reflective Questions
    • Potential Questions
    • Personality Questions
    • Career & Goals Questions
    • Work Habits and Style Questions
  • Quantifying Your Experience and Accomplishments
  • Experience and Management Questions
  • Sample Interviews Questions and Answers:
  • Interview Mistakes To Avoid

Interview Preparation:

  • The Interview Format - Open an Interview and Describe the Interviewing Plan
  • Conducting the interview
  • Asking Planned Behavioural Questions
  • Identifying the Critical Job Questions to Identify Behaviour
  • Characteristics of Behavioural Questions
  • Designing an Interview Guide - Creating an Interview Guide - Sample Interview Guide
  • Conducting the Interview - Recording Interview Responses
  • Active Listening - Observing
  • Maintaining the Applicant's self-esteem
  • Advantages of Maintaining self-esteem
  • Controlling the Pace of the Interview
  • Checking good & first impressions

Nonverbal Communications:

  • Dress
  • Grooming
  • Handshake
  • Posture/body language
  • Enthusiasm and eye contact
  • Listening skills
  • Things to avoid
  • Ten Interview Fashion Blunders
  • Nonverbal Pitfalls to Watch For
  • Preparation for interview ‘Practice’

Role Play and Interaction:

  • How to Prepare for the Telephone Interview
  • 20 Reasons Why People should Join Us!
  • Selling Your Company to potential New Employees
  • Closing the Interview - An Interview Guide
  • Advantages of Using an Interview Guide
  • Group Selection Recruitment method

Personal Action Plan:

  • Course review
  • Feedback Time
  • Thanks and closedown

Designed for:

For Hr Personnel, Senior Executives & Key Managers

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