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Training is quite often seen as just the delivery of information. Nowadays, it needs to be much more than that. It is about assisting delegates achieve their personal and professional outcomes for their day-to-day working lives. It is also about changing behaviours and attitudes.

The ability to train staff is one of the essential skills of the effective manager. Whether one to one or in group sessions the training should have clear objectives, should be well structured and include evaluation to be truly effective.

The course is a combination of both theory & practical with participants applying the techniques and receiving constructive feedback from the trainer and group to ensure they gain the maximum advantage.


This program will help the participants:

  • To be effective trainers
  • To increase their confidence and ability to create and deliver powerful training programs
  • To develop their Training skills that will enable them to make a Positive Impression and Enhance their Professional Image
  • To gain Knowledge, Skills and Techniques to add Quality and Effectiveness in their training programs


Lectures, Role Plays, Exercises, Presentation by Participants, Video Playback, Group Feedback and Individual Feedback.

Programme Outline:


  • Course & Delegates Introduction
  • Training & Trainer Objectives
  • Establish Existing Skills Exercise

Principles of Adult Learning

  • Understand how adults learn
  • Understanding what motivates adults to learn
  • Importance of Effective Training
  • How to create an environment that motivates and enables adults to learn
  • Confidence Building
  • Power of positive attitude
  • Controlling Speaking Stress, Fear and Apprehensions

Effective Presentation Skills (1)

  • The Art of Effective Self-Presentation
  • Delivery Skills for Maximising Communication
  • Power of Non-Verbal Communication
  • Effective Body Language
  • Importance of Voice Modulation
  • Guide to Effective Speaking

Effective Presentation Skills (2)

  • Power of Active Listening
  • Understanding the Process of Listening
  • Improving Listening Skills
  • Importance & Effective usage of Visual Aids
  • Personal presentation style
  • Power of humour in training

Mastering Your Image

  • Creating Positive and Assertive Mindset
  • Mannerisms and your appearance
  • Dealing with Habits and Nerves
  • Developing Confidence and Self-control
  • Developing a Professional Approach
  • Creating High-Impact effect on your Investor Clients

Communication Skills

  • Use of Language and choice of words
  • Importance of Tonality (Vocal Exercises)
  • Power of Listening – Actively
  • Eye Communications
  • Posture Styles and Projection
  • Facial Expressions
  • Different types of Gestures
  • Understanding & Having an Open Mind
  • Use of Humour
  • Dress and Appearance
  • Your Posture and Stance
  • Developing Empathy
  • Projecting Energy and Enthusiasm
  • Use of Pause, and elimination of Non-words

Audience Handling

  • Working with different learning styles
  • Avoiding Criticism, Confrontation or being Patronising
  • Dealing constructively with negative or unresponsive people
  • Understanding different types of participants
  • Handling different types of participants & aggressive participants

Preparation for a training program

  • How to write and structure a course
  • Using flip charts, overheads, handouts and workbooks
  • Importance of planning, and timing

Qualities of a Good Trainer

  • Importance of self awareness and self analysis
  • Importance of planning, and timing
  • Laying the ground rules
  • Climate setting: session starters to begin well
  • Importance of Personal Grooming & Hygiene
  • How to keep the training interesting
  • Importance of constructive feed back

Putting the Training Techniques into practice - Live Recording Session

  • Presentations On All The Key Areas Covered
  • Practical Presentation By Each Delegate (Before And After Comparisons)
  • Feedback To Each Delegate After Presentation
  • Personal Action Plan

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