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Faculty Profile

A.M.B.A., A.C.I.M., A.I.M.C., U.K. Resident Management Consultant/ Trainer/ Personal & Professional Coach. He is a –

  • Corporate Trainer
  • Professional & Personal Coach
  • Management & Marketing Consultant

Qualifications & Membership:

  • MBA plus Associate Member of MBA -UK - ( A.M.B.A.)
  • Professional Management Consultant plus Associate Member of Institute of Management Consultants UK - ( A.I.M.C)
  • Professional Coach plus Member of Professional Coaching University of America
  • Qualified Marketeer with Diploma, plus Associate Member of Chartered Institute of Marketing UK - ( A.C.I.M.)
  • Member of Call Centre Management Association -CCMA UK
  • Life Coaching & Personal Development Trainer
  • Mentor Coach for Positive People - Millennium Funding Project
  • Director of Lifezone Training & Consultancy UK
  • Member of many NGOs in UK - helping Children's group relating to Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Women in SHELTER group, Homeless people under ROOF organisation.

Training Profile:

  • Bip Parmar is a Personal Development Consultant and founder of Lifezone Training.
  • Training and Development of Key Personnel in Different Corporate Sectors from Personal growth to Professional Development, Leadership & Teambuilding, Mastering Management, Communications, Interpersonal Skills, CRM, Marketing skills, Customer Care & BPO Success, Change Management etc.
  • Writing and delivering training programmes; organising, facilitating and speaking at conferences and events.
  • He has followed his passion to succeed through sheer grit, determination and with entrepreneurial spirit which has led to him becoming one of the most respected authorities in Corporate businesses - developing individuals through personality and professional development to benefit the organisations.
  • He is much recognised for his challenged approach and impact on making you take the lead in your life. He conducts his seminars with ambition and drive plus taking responsibility of wanting to ensure all participants add value to purpose in life. He enables participants to learn quickly and take leadership in their lives to fulfil their goals and dreams.
  • A very practical and amusing way of training makes him outstanding in his field.You have to be willing to participate in the various games. He likes his delegates to get involved in, which all leave you with everlasting metaphors to use them in your lifetime.He drives his points home with humour and seemingly endless collection of anecdotes. During training, you are able to notice Bip's flexibility and adaptability to diverse needs and concerns of the audiences whilst communicating the commitment of the personal development planning.
  • Being aware of the different cultures and diversity, Bip has been in demand for training Asian communities and Asian businesses in Britain and now many Corporate companies in India.
  • He has also been delivering special seminars for Women's groups under Millennium Project awarded to him.
  • His strengths are -
    • Increasing number of learning points
    • Improving attentiveness during seminars
    • Dramatic Increased participation
    • Livened up lectures
    • After event support
    • Effective & High Impact style of Delivery and Methodology

Coaching Profile:

  • Corporate to Medium sized companies - UK & India
  • Different Sectors have been dealt with - Manufacturing Industries to Service Outlets; Finance to IT Companies
  • Examples: Steel Companies; Engineering; Tool Manufacturers; Textiles-Hosiery & Knitwear Industries; Modular Furniture; IT & Software Developers; Insurance; Investment Banking; Banks; Shipping; Automotive etc.
  • Coaching provided to some Rapidly Growing Companies and at different levels - Directors; MDs; CEO; COO; GM
  • From Guidance/ Coaching / Counselling to Changing Direction provided to some Family Businesses which are undergoing Growth Y.O.Y, Innovation and some challenging Competitive conditions.
  • Specialised & Customised Group Coaching Provided to: GMs; AGMs; Section Leaders; Regional Sales Directors; Relationship Managers; Private Business Owners

Professional & Personal Coaching for Directors & Senior Managers

Coaching is a confidential and dynamic interaction with someone trained to understand you and your needs and inspire you to take whatever action is needed to get the results you really want in your personal or professional life.

By Developing appropriate Coaching Plan - you are guided to achieve the goals that set by one-self. These could be for particular skill areas like Business Leadership, Conflict Management, Top Level Presentation and Speaking Skills, etc….


Background & Experience:

  • Over 25 years of experience at all levels of management, finance, marketing, customer care and human resources
  • He is a major contributor of success to many Businesses, Communities and Individuals in U.K. and in India now. He is emerging as one of the UK's top trainer, now aiming to move into International markets
  • Bip Parmar has worked tirelessly to raise money for Asian communities and charities focusing on helping those less fortunate get the best out of life
  • He teaches you about yourself and how to reach your full potential - so just aim to attend one of his seminars. His inspirational style pumps us all reminding that we are responsible for our own success and if we keep going, it may be just round the corner! It is about time we had someone who can encourage us to experiment with better methods to providing a solid foundation for our lives

Personal Details:

  • Resident of UK - with his own Training & Consultancy company based in UK for last five years.
  • Now an office in INDIA - spends 65% of his time in India for last two and half years - Training and Coaching. Also now looking at expansion by bringing in other 'Specialist Faculties' from UK.

Change? If you're not riding the wave of change, you will find yourself beneath it.
- Bip Parmar

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