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Becoming a High Performer in Competitive Market to Win

Mastering Management Skills for Managerial Effectiveness


Two Days Intensive Workshop

In the present world of
culture, attitude, behaviour and style has to change to match in line
with the ‘High Performers’ to keep ahead in the Market place.

Learning Objectives:

  • Helping New & Current Managers to project themselves at their very best in every situation
  • Gaining more respect, Co-operation and developing more influencing skills
  • Understanding personality types and their effectiveness in the organisation
  • Work flow, allocation and the compilation and use of management information
  • Communication channels using team briefing and a constant improvement system
  • Building a management team who are more creative, and explore better and quicker methods of doing things, increasing quality, service standards and efficiency
  • Motivating or developing people to improve their performance
  • Getting the best performance out of people for achieving today’s targets/ Standards/ output levels
  • Developing the skills necessary to drive through change management, gaining willing and enthusiastic co-operation


  • Projecting a Professional Image
  • Becoming Professional in Management Style & Approach
  • Building & Creating Effective Teamwork
  • Evaluating & Enhancing Process Management
  • Developing People Performance Management
  • Creating Results Based Targets and Training
  • Mastering Communications for Efficiency & Effectiveness
  • Dealing with Difficult Situations and People
  • Creating Approachability to help others to achieve
  • Better Self - Management to get BEST OUT of YOU
  • Better Management of Customer Relations
  • Change Management – coping and thriving
  • Better Goal setting and Strategy implementation
  • Creating Competitive Advantages and the Edge
  • Breaking the Glass Ceiling – Getting to the TOP
  • Dealing with Human Factors and Personality Edge
  • Developing Customer Relationships to achieve Results
  • Focus on Customer Facilitation
  • Updating to check with Competitor Progress
  • Marketing as a tool for communications
  • Building Brand – self and company
  • Developing Approachability
  • Identify and build on your fundamental strengths, virtues, and abilities

Programme Outline:

  • Introductions
  • Concepts of Management & Leadership
  • Developing Management Style
  • Self-Management
  • Team-Building skills
  • Essential Communication Skills
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Active Listening Skills
  • Developing Assertiveness
  • Staff Development & Motivation Skills
  • Delegation Techniques
  • Managing Time
  • Developing Influencing Skills
  • Managing Change
  • Performance Management
  • Personal Action Plan
  • Closedown

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